Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hacklab Inspiration

Hey all, lots of exciting developments on the horizon! With every week that passes, we become more ambitious, and more certain that we can meet the goals we're setting for ourselves. I thought I'd post some links to some really inspiring projects in the Hacklab vein to show what kind of stuff fellow hackers are up to, and what some of the upper limits of a project like this can reach. And what's great is the Lab will only be one part of what will make the infoshop so invaluable and fun. So here we go:

Noisebridge- A really fun looking lab in San Francisco with all kinds of equipment for experimenting with technology, workshops and classes, and a pretty heavy emphasis on art. They are hosting the yearly Digitial Security for Anti-Authoritarians talk this year to coincide with the bookfair in San Francisco. They also seem pretty ambitious about their projects too.

Freeside Atlanta- A HUGE lab out of Atlanta. They boast a number of classes and have lots of fun equipment. Not to mention that their space is 5500 sq ft!

23b Shop- A lab closer to home, in Fullerton California. Their membership dues are pretty steep, but hey it gets you access to a lathe and tig welding equipment and plenty else.

Create:Space- Create:Space is based out of Seattle, Washington and has a lot of really cool equipment and projects going on and is open 12 hours a day! Hackers and their caffeine.

Alpha One Labs- A really inspiring space out of Brooklyn. it just opened last summer and already hosts a really impressive array of projects and classes.

The Geek Group- Probably the very upper echelon of this sort of space, and probably out of the scope of what we can do with the hacklab sharing a space with the infoshop, but still very inspiring and good to draw ideas from. This lab is based out of Michigan and has been so successful that they're actually trying to expand to an even larger facility as a permanent campus.

Hackerspaces.org also has a fun wiki on Design Patterns for starting a Hacklab. For those of you not geeky enough to know what Design Pattern refers to, read this:

Design Patterns

And while we're daydreaming, why not raise some funds with a couple fun 8-bit dance parties in the space? We could even get the music freely licensed


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